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Starview's main focus is acquiring 2 year olds in training. Although this strategy does not totally eliminate the inherent risks in livestock purchasing, it affords members an increased chance that their horse will make it to the races. This strategy enables the Starview selection team, headed by John C. Kimmel, the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of the horse's athletic ability and racing potential. On occasion a yearling will be purchased if Mr. Kimmel believes that it conforms to the Starview goals and objectives, demonstrates superior qualities, has an exceptional pedigree and can be obtained at a very competitive price.

Starview's goal is to select thoroughbreds that can compete at the highest levels but can be purchased at highly favorable market values. Horses in the $100,000 to $175,000 price range are the only prospects currently considered by the selection team for Starview. In this era of high priced yearlings selling in excess of two million dollars the selection team is challenged to work more vigorously to identify Starview racing prospects.

Starview believes in "Quality not Quantity" when purchasing future racing prospects. Purchasing a premier racing prospect at moderate price levels requires exhaustive research, the utmost discipline, a keen eye and a thorough understanding of the ever-changing climate in the thoroughbred market. Starview firmly believes that only a very limited number of superior equine athletes are available for purchase throughout the year. The Starview selection team is constantly monitoring the market and advises Starview when a candidate is identified. Each potential purchase is then carefully screened using the most modern scientific and veterinarian medical techniques available today. All thoroughbreds must pass a rigorous barrage of tests prior to Starview extending a purchase offer.

Racing Stock Philosophy

Unlike other partnership groups currently in operation, Starview will not enter the market to purchase a racing prospect solely because a group of investors have been identified and are anxious to participate. Starview believes it is in the best interest of both Starview and the new members to wait, possibly several months, for the right thoroughbred to be selected by the team. New members are cautioned that at any given time Starview may be sold out of available racing stock. Starview realizes it runs the risk that some potential new members may choose to participate elsewhere, but Starview firmly believes that a winning horse is worth the wait. By adopting this operating philosophy, Starview Stable has been able to maintain and enhance its reputation as the area leader in premier thoroughbred partnerships.

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