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What is the minimum investment required for a Starview Thoroughbred?

The minimum investment required for participation in a Starview thoroughbred will vary depending upon the purchase price of the horse and initial acquisition expenses. Based on the class of horses Starview has targeted for purchase, the minimum investment required will be approximately $15,000 to $22,000 for a 10% ownership share in the horse. Potential members will be advised of the purchase price, pedigree and soundness of the horse prior to any purchase commitment.

How often does a Starview thoroughbred race?

Starview employs a conservative approach throughout a thoroughbred's racing career and places the horse's fitness as the number one priority. Therefore, a Starview thoroughbred will run approximately every three to four weeks. Stakes caliber horses will run approximately every four to five weeks.

How many years does a thoroughbred race?

Thoroughbreds can race for many years but often reach peak performance at age three or four. If the horse's athletic ability and earning potential begins to decline the members will decide by vote how long to continue the LLC.

How are the purses divided?

Division of purses varies according to the racing association where the horse runs. In New York the purses are divided in the following manner: 60% to the winner, 20% for second, 11% for third, 6% for fourth and 3% for fifth.

Do members need to be licensed?

Yes, all members who own more than 3% of a thoroughbred will be required to obtain an owner's license.

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