Ownership :: Partnership Structure



Individuals wishing to participate at moderate investment levels have the opportunity to enjoy ownership in a Starview Stable thoroughbred racehorse as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) member. In doing so, unlike a general partnership, personal liability is minimized and member's participation is encouraged and increased. Starview LLC participation offers the chance to experience the thrill and exhilaration of watching your own racehorse explode across the finish line a split second ahead of the field. Share in the rewards, minimize the risk, have a common bond with other members and enjoy the sport to its fullest. All partners are licensed with the New York Racing Association.

General Operations

Starview Stable acts as the Racing Manager and handles all the day-to-day operations of each LLC. Starview is also an investor and member in each LLC, and thus has a mutual interest in the success of each racehorse in the stable. Members are consulted frequently regarding the racing and training of the thoroughbred. All major decisions such as the sale or retirement of the thoroughbred are subject to a majority vote of the LLC members.

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