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Why Starview

Starview members are always a regular part of the action. While Starview provides its members with great racing prospects at minimum investment amounts, we also distinguish ourselves from other companies in our serious commitment to providing only the best service to our customers. We continually brief our partners as to the progress of their thoroughbred investment either by personal phone call, e-mail, periodical newsletter or through our web site.
By using our special password-protected "Members Only" section on our web site, partners can log-in anytime to gain valuable information about their equine athlete through personalized progress reports on general health, training, and racing decisions concerning their horse. Starview strongly encourages its members to become fully involved throughout the course of their thoroughbred's career by asking questions at any time to help them gain a working knowledge of the industry. Our open door policy is beneficial by helping to increase everyone's overall knowledge and enjoyment of the sport.
In addition to our focus on customer service, Starview runs its operation with the philosophy that quality should always exceed quantity in the thoroughbred horse racing business. Thus, our firm belief in being extremely selective has given Starview the reputation as a leader in premier partnerships by offering our investors horses of superior pedigree at a great value.
This philosophy is truly a "formula for success" which is exhibited by our proven track record for winning partnership opportunities. Just ask the former owners of our first purchase ever - Successful Appeal (Valid Appeal-Successful Dancer). Successful Appeal won eight of 22 races and earned $654,681. He captured the Cowdin Stakes G2, at two, the Kentucky Cup Sprint G2, Withers G2 and Amsterdam G2 Stakes the following year. He was voted 1999 Florida Bred Sprint Champion and in 2000 won the A.G. Vanderbilt Handicap G2. Straight out of the gate our methods were on target and we plan to continue with this winning tradition in the future.
As Starview continues to move forward our driving objective will be to grow steadily by selectively acquiring top quality thoroughbreds and successfully racing them at prestigious East Coast racecourses. As the premier thoroughbred partnership stable in the New York / New Jersey area, our main goal will be to create successful partnership ventures with the purpose of achieving both value and excitement for all of our members.
Starview selects and syndicates only the highest quality thoroughbred racing prospects purchased either from prestigious public auctions, or privately from highly reputable breeders throughout the year. The young equine athlete is selected based on superior conformation, soundness, ability and strong pedigree. Typical Starview Stable LLCs will consist of six to ten members each sharing in the risks and the rewards that thoroughbred racehorse ownership can bring.
Whatever your interest in thoroughbred horse racing may be, Starview promises its members a rewarding and satisfying experience that combines fun and excitement with an aristocratic social flair; and the personal satisfaction one gets from being in the winners circle after a hard fought victory is simply immeasurable!

Starview Members

"It's been great with Starview. From explaining the process to getting my license and the constant updating I get about my horses. I've been treated like a friend." - Mark Castellano

"Customer service at Starview is excellent! My expectations of thoroughbred ownership were completely surpassed as a Starview member. With the assistance given to me when obtaining my license, exposure at the tracks, visiting the stable and my first introduction to Starview through a seminar - its all been great! Communication is wonderful. I love hearing all the info being sent to me about my horse. I chose Starview over other thoroughbred partnerships because of the Management Team and an inherent trust in them- this is a real plus of the partnership!"
- Judy Domanski

"Starview is a top-notch thoroughbred partnership company with great customers service. The communication tools they use to keep partners informed and updated are excellent! It is a great opportunity for anyone new to the industry to learn all aspects of thoroughbred horse racing from the inside out. I especially, enjoy visiting my horse at the training farm and hearing from the Management and Trainer about progress, conditioning and upcoming races. This team has great integrity as they do not rush a horse to racing, but wait to make sure that the horse is fit and ready for his/her racing career - I really appreciate that philosophy and honesty!"
- RJ Petermann

"In early 1999 I decided to fulfill my dream and invest in a thoroughbred partnership. After investing with another partnership company I felt something was missing and felt I wanted more of a sense of partnership. I knew from my first conversation with Joe Petruska that Starview Stable could give me everything I was looking for in a racing partnership - first off - a spirit of partnership, friendly knowledgeable owners, success with previous horses, a top trainer and an investment level that fit my needs. Starview has a "family" feel about it,- a certain spirit about the company that I could not find elsewhere. I feel like an owner and part of the team and not just an investor. - Mike Gorman "I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for all you have done for Loretta and I. This includes, and certainly is not limited to, the securing of clubhouse passes for our friends, winner circle photos, videos of winning races, etc…etc… I want to extend a hearty "thank you" to both of you. I realize that you have focused your time and energy into making Starview a success and I wish you the very best. If all partners (members) are afforded the amenities extended to Loretta and I your success is a given!
- Michael and Loretta Hannan

Member Privileges

With a 10% investment or more Starview Stable members enjoy all of these exciting privileges:

Members are welcome at the Kimmel barn at any time to see their very own "Star" and meet the behind the scenes people who are valued contributors to the overall Kimmel racing team.

Enjoy early morning workouts and training. Members receive a thorough understanding of what is involved in the day to day training and preparation to race.

Meet new people who have a common bond in owning a "Racing Star".

When a "Racing Star" crosses the finish line first, members have the honor of having their picture taken in the winner's circle.

Members will be licensed by the New York Racing Association (NYRA).

Members receive owners parking privileges-lots closest to the entrance.

Members receive owners box seats and admission passes for friends and other racing enthusiasts on race day. Special privileges extended for participation in stakes races.

Paddock Privileges.

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