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As President and founder Joseph Petruska brings significant equine management experience to his position. His unique background offers Starview Stable clients an exceptional track record reflecting strength in business management, thoroughbred racing and stallion syndication. Through his ongoing efforts to mold Starview Stable into a world class thoroughbred racing operation Mr. Petruska develops strategic plans that are fast, fluid and flexible enough to adapt to unexpected changes. He has assembled a highly accomplished thoroughbred selection, veterinarian and training team to act as expert advisors to the Starview organization. A firm believer in open and honest communication, Mr. Petruska focuses on customer oriented leadership assuring that all Starview members are aware of the status of their horses at all times and fully understand the rationale for the various racing strategies initiated for each individual runner. This formula for success, which combines racing strategies and business operating plans, has resulted in Starview Stable becoming one of the leading thoroughbred partnership organizations in operation today.


Joe Petruska :: President
Pam Petruska :: Vice President
Joey Petruska :: Media/Production


John Kimmel :: Trainer

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